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Universal Team Realty offers various types of property management, from our traditional Rental and Management package through to our home watch service

We have the ability to specifically design a management package to suit your exact needs in the care of your property.

Your Florida management company is basically responsible for looking after all aspects of your Florida property, from marketing and sourcing tenants, routine inspections, working with the home associations etc.

To do this we must be licensed by the State of Florida; The Department of Business and Professional Regulation or DBPR licenses Universal Team Realty to manage properties in Florida

Here is a brief outline of our main property management services:

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Long Term Residential Service

Universal Team Realty Residential Services are proud to offer owners and investors who wish to derive income from their home on a long term basis.

We can obtain tenants for both, furnished and non-furnished homes, condos, villas and town-homes.

Leasing fees differ for varying contracts

  • Locating suitable tenants, through local and internet advertising
  • Accompany potential tenants to the home and explain the process
  • Conduct a security check on all possible tenants prior to signing a lease
  • Collect security deposits and upfront rental expenses and deposit into our client account
  • Produce a regular monthly income and expenditure statement
  • Deposits cleared rental income into clients US bank account
  • Prepare leases for both tenant and landlord in accordance with Florida law and arrange all documents to be notarized
  • Arrange any repairs to the residence “in house” and notify owner of such repairs immediate
  • 24 hour emergency call out number supplied to all tenants/7 Emergency on call
  • Regular property inspections

HomeWatch Service

Universal Team Realty home watch service is available to owners who use their home seasonally and do not need our full management service while in residence

As soon as you vacate the property, your home can be placed in the Universal Team Realty “Home Watch Service” giving you the peace of mind in the knowledge your property is being looked after at the top level in your absence.

  • Regular on site inspections of both interior and exterior
  • Arrange to have mail re-directed to our office while home is vacant
  • Payment of all, or some utilities if needed

Prices starting from $50.00 per month


  • Check for Sulphur smell and run water throughout home
  • Note general condition of area
  • Inspect and replace AC filters
  • Check Refrigerator/freezer
  • Check faucets for leaks
  • Check under sinks for leaks


  • Wash or pressure wash deck area
  • Check pool screens and make necessary repairs.


Full Management Service

Pool Maintenance

To Include:

  • Weekly cleaning and chemical testing and balancing of pH level [acidity/ alkalinity]
  • Removal and /or treatment of algae, bottom dirt and surface debris
  • Replenishment of chlorine tablets, acid / alkali and anti-algae chemicals
  • Routine cleaning of skimmer and pool filters
  • Biennial maintenance check on pumps, timers, switches, solar heating systems
  • Excludes the replacement cost of supplying and fitting new paper or linen cartridge type filters.

Prices starting from $95.00 per month

Lawn & Garden Care

To Include:

  • Grass cutting, lawn edging, and clipping removal
  • Adjusting and re-setting irrigation systems if Federal, State or County authorities impose water usage restrictions

Prices starting from $95.00 per month


FAQ regarding the renting of your property?

Rental Rates. Florida has seen very high occupancy levels in recent years, therefore producing a demand for quality rentable properties, Universal Team Realty strives to get the highest rental rates, whilst remaining competitive with what the market dictates.

How do you safeguard our property against damage?

Security Deposits / Indemnification against rental damage. The tenant will lodge a security deposit with us which will be held in Escrow until the tenant moves out and the property has been inspected by one of our move out specialists.

How do I get my home ready for rentals?

Set Up Costs. Deposits and installation costs are payable on utilities, electricity, telephones, cable television etc. however we will cover these amounts during the initial set-up period on the owners behalf.

How do I get paid for rentals and how do I pay utilities?

Accounting Practices. We collect rental income from the tenant each month and reflect this income on a monthly statement that is emailed at the end of each month or can be viewed online through the Owner Portal. The balance will then be deposited to the owner’s choice of financial institutions around the 10th of each month.

How do renters get into our home?

Gaining Entry to your vacation home. In order to dispense with giving our keys to guests (who promptly lose them) we have found the most efficient method of entry is a combination lock fitted to the front door. The cost is $179.00 which includes unlimited code changes.

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