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Our approach includes using foreclosure auctions, bank relationships, direct marketing, MLS listings and wholesalers to acquire product.

We compile information, determine rents, set value, review title, conduct walk throughs, film video and esitame renovations. The combination of street level market knowledge and advanced analytics gives us our competitive advantage.

Our knowledge includes a database of nearly every transaction per market, hundreds of homes in our own portfolio that are used for renovation, rent comparisons, as well as data scrubbing of county tax records, MLS, Zillow and other websites. This information allows us to accurately value thousands of properties in a condensed timeframe and derive actionable insight that we can put to work for you.

We seek out the very best properties all over the county, and we provide properties that are quality in nature. Thus, if our clients want to retain the property in their portfolio, they know they are investing in secure and quality real estate. If our client has created a cash flow model, they can rest assured they have invested in profitable opportunity and have a company willing to back them up.

Our charge is to empower our clients to achieve success through purchasing and retaining or reselling properties by offering them a unique gateway to some of the finest foreclosure, REO and short sale properties nationwide.

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